Our Retreats:

Dr. Gary Gautier is an alternative health and wellness practitioner and a chiropractor with over 35 years of experience helping people overcome serious health conditions of all kinds. He is the author of the book Heal Thyself, Optimum Health Forever. He combines numerous cutting-edge methods for “cancer reversal” which have been extremely successful for many decades. He has experience with all stages of cancer, including late stage.

Dr. Gautier has held Cancer Healing Retreats in various countries for many years. He continues his work in Costa Rica, in a safe, beautiful and tranquil setting.

The latest in techniques for healing serious illness are used, along with some of the gold standards in alternative cancer care long established by Max Gerson and Dr.’s Kelley and Clark, as well as Dr. Gary Gautier’s personal techniques which work well to achieve wellness in the body. See Therapies for more details.

The synergistic effect of combining these methods shown below provide optimal conditions for the body to heal:

Gerson – Whole, live, fresh and mostly organic foods, necessary for healing.

Dr. Kelley – Metabolic and enzyme therapies, critical for aiding immunity

Dr. Clark – Pathogen and toxin removal critical in aiding your immune system to help heal you.

Bio Dentistry – Every patient is referred to Costa Rica’s top holistic dental expert for proper metal extractions, root canal issues and cavitation restructuring, which is mandatory for most all cancer patients.

Magnet therapy – Helps reduce tumors, pain, inflammation, pathogens and aids in immunity. Utilized in medical handbooks prior to WW2

Detox therapies – All cancer patients have various issues with high levels of toxins, chemicals, pathogens and heavy metals

Frequency device  – greatly aids the immune system by killing pathogens of all kinds

Aromatherapy/Essential oils – Certified pure and powerful botanical healing agents, used for thousands of years.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – boost oxygen levels 10 to 20 times in 15 minutes. Also safely increases stem cell reproduction 8 fold after 20 sessions which is mandatory in our retreats!

Herbs – spices and supplementation properly prescribed for amazing results

Chiropractic, Massage and Yoga – and lymphatic drainage wonderfully aids in cancer work which assist in healing the body

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Work) –Emotional healing is essential to healing and very useful in overcoming cancer.

HCG self cancer test – We use a simple non-invasive test to see if you are presently positive for “growing” cancer in your body. This is a very sensitive and accurate urine test which can detect cancer years ahead of conventional diagnostic test. Early detection could save thousands of lives every year.

Renowned CIMA hospital   –   conveniently located near the retreat.

We want you to understand that cancer is not a “tumor”, it is a “process” which is present throughout the entire body. Yes, it may have set up at a certain point in the body as a tumor but many cells are traveling everywhere in the body or at least it has the potential to do so. This is why cancer can come raging back after a tumor mass is treated by conventional medicine, wherein a patient is told ‘we got it all’. When in reality the “cancer process” is still there and eventually will grow again! Either you stop this process correctly or or play Russian Roulette with your life, especially now that you have allowed more time for metastasis or spreading of the cancer to other areas of the body.

After your stay here at our retreat is completed, our contract includes a 1-year servicing agreement where you can contact us at any time, for help with questions and issues which always come up from time to time. The trick is to address these immediately and not allow them to get out of control.

Everyone should request and read our FREE CANCER REPORT, which is an extremely helpful 30 page report showing you how things really work and why. You can learn much of what we are doing by reviewing this.

Gary´s Background:

Dr. Gautier has been doing retreats in various countries for many years and has the ability to see large groups or just one patient. He now confines his work to Costa Rica, where he uses different settings to help the sick, ill as well as terminal, to overcome their disease by teaching them how to self reverse their particular issues.

The biggest problem most people face with sickness and disease of all types are that they rely on conventional medicine to overcome sickness and disease when the body will do this all on its own. You just need some intelligent guidance which allows the body to heal itself on its own.

Remember, there are “no cures” when it comes to cancer or most diseases and you do not need a cure! God gave us everything here on earth to overcome sickness and disease but unfortunately man has fooled us into thinking that medicine and surgical procedures will cure us of our sicknesses yet nothing could be further from the truth! This is not to say that doctors don’t perform excellent procedures when emergencies call for this. This is wonderful, but what most patients need is to get healthy and this does not happen in general with conventional medicine – especially when it comes to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other sicknesses!

Do not fear cancer or terminal disease because your body can still reverse these issues; however the clock is ticking and the later it gets, the less time you have. This is the reason I strongly suggest that you get the best plan possible to overcome said sickness before time runs out!


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