Cancer Healing Retreats is a private facility that applies natural therapies to help reverse cancer and/or other degenerative disease.


400 m Norte 200 m Este de Hotel Cortijo, B11, Escazu, Costa Rica, 10203

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Cancer Wellness Retreats

Cancer Wellness Retreats

Cancer Wellness Retreats

Cancer Wellness Retreats are quite unique when it comes to natural cancer care. Most of these type of retreats are inpatient, meaning the patient stays with the retreat 24 hours a day for the duration of the retreat.

Cancer Wellness Retreats 1The focus of Cancer Wellness Retreats is to provide natural wellness techniques to assist the body in detox and the balancing of deficiency. As always much research should be done to determine the Dr. and the type of process the Dr. uses to deal with cancer. In every case of cancer, a thorough process of elimination must be done addressing all of the necessary things. It is difficult to find this type of care in the USA due to the heavy restrictions in place by the federal government.

Often times these retreats are in countries which are more open to natural healing and wellness. Unfortunately, in the USA the medical establishment has a monopoly and dominates the medical industry so many of these cancer wellness retreats cannot operate there without encountering many legal issues.

Here in Costa Rica natural healing and wellness are encouraged and these types of cancer wellness retreats are growing with every day more and more people coming to participate in these natural wellness programs.

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