About us 1 Dr. Gautier helps people in sickness to reverse their illness, especially but not limited to cases of cancer. Due to conventional medicines inability to offer a cure for cancer, as well as for most other diseases, Dr Gautier teaches patients how to reverse their illness naturally, the way God intended them to do.

Thus, he is a doctor of alternative health & wellness. If you have any questions regarding health issue bothering you, your family or friends feel free to contact us, using the info at the top of our website.

Dr. Gary S. Gautier has been a doctor of chiropractic for over 32 years. As the third generation of Californian, his passion for helping people has never weakened. He has been teaching and practicing alternative medicine via the holistic approach, as well as anti-stress and anti-aging methods, for more than 36 years. He has learned principles of holistic health from some of the world’s most famous lecturers and health gurus since the 1970′s. Dr. Gautier is a hands-on the doctor who practices what he stands for.

Dr. Gary has been a noticed athlete all his life starting from childhood. Being excellent at football, baseball, basketball and track & field, he was a county hurdler as well as the athlete of the year. He has been enjoying running at competitions of long-distance (10K, 13K and marathons), extreme skiing, surfing, beach volleyball as well as outrigger canoe paddling. After competing in numerous triathlons, he completed the 1987 Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon as one of his best achievements in sports. He is still very active in surfing and golfing and tries to hit the gym when possible as he enjoys spinning, jumping rope and weightlifting workout.

At the age of 60, he is still very competitive at most sports of his choice. He still has the same competitive speed and agility as he had as a teenager and in his 20′s! With 46 years of experience in surfing and golf (7 handicaps), Dr. Gautier strongly believes he is now better and more competitive than ever. And, as he says, You can be too!

Most people who don’t know Dr. Gautier’s age usually give him 10 to 20 years less than he actually has! Why? Because he has practiced what he stands for during the last 36 years. It is his aim to assist you and everyone willing to adapt his natural secrets. His belief is and
always has been that the universe gives us all we need to sustain our life. He states that disease is made by men and that no medications have ever been effective at curing anything but the symptoms. However, the causes are still there despite the pills and procedures Western medicine offers.

Those wise enough to see through the profit-driven intentions of the FDA, USDA, AMA, FTC and all the hype of commercialism can reap the benefits of good health and keep their body “bullet-proof” in the culture of and disease! This is his experience in treating and practicing natural processes for over 30 years.

Dr. Gautier’s Book

Dr. Gautier's Book

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