Want optimum health?

 Beat Cancer and live the life you love, full of energy and vitality with the lack of pain!

  • Do you have cancer or a pre-cancerous condition?
  • Are you fed up with expensive, invasive tests and huge medical bills?
  • Are you tired of dangerous pills, procedures, and treatments with no guarantee of cure?

We can help you and your loved ones. Visit Dr. Gary Gautier’s Cancer Healing Retreats’ facilities in this heaven on earth (Costa Rica) and try the methods of Natural Cancer Reversal Therapy.

Besides getting optimized treatments aiming to reverse your cancer, at our Retreats you will learn far much more. We will ensure that you get the honest and valuable information about natural health and wellness; longevity and anti-aging; illness and healing; terminal disease and dying; diet and nutrition; exercise and fitness; in other words about all the processes that will help you attain the highest level of health.

And once you complete our retreat and leave us, we won’t stop. We will support you throughout the years, so you could stay on the path of vibrant health for the rest of your life.

Sustain your life by helping your body reject diseases.

We offer a unique all-inclusive retreat where everything is included for one price – just join us. All you would need is included, from picking healthy cosmetics and personal care items to the personal attention of Dr. Gary Gautier and his staff, as your partners in total recovery from cancer.

We offer Natural Cancer Therapy.  If you want to treat cancer naturally, you should seek a multitude of procedures and protocols addressing several root causes which might often seem complicated. Thus, without the help of dedicated and caring professional, like Dr. Gautier you might be going in the wrong direction.  Learn more… 

Our facilities are nestled near the foothills of Escazu along the river, offering the perfect location for relaxation and tranquilness.

The longer you stay at our facilities, the more valuable tools for recovery you get. It would take you about 3 weeks to acquire new techniques and protocols and make them habitual, in order to accomplish your goals.

We offer many types of retreats from 9 days long to 90 day long retreats. Of course, the type of retreat is suggested based on your condition. We strongly believe that our Cancer Healing Retreats offer more than any other facility around the world and, thus, we are completely confident in our success rate.

Dr. Gautier is the author of the book:HEAL THYSELF, OPTIMUM HEALTH FOREVER. 
This book is an authoritative reference covering everything you need in order to achieve optimal health, overcome serious diseases, and sustain a vital quality of life without the aches and pains of aging. Break the vicious circle of sickness and disease, once and for all!

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Cancer Healing Retreats

We offer Natural Cancer Therapies. A word to the wise when embarking on a cancer reversal program. You should get the best professional help with the multitude of procedures and protocols, which can be complicated. Without the help of a dedicated, erudite and caring health care provider like Dr. Gautier, You might choose the wrong path. Learn more… We offer an all-inclusive retreat setting in beautiful Costa Rica. We pick our patients up at the airport and when finished with the retreat, we take them back to the airport.

We provide a tranquil and relaxing environment for our patients. The time you spend at our retreat determines the level of healing that takes place and you will receive more valuable tools for health and recovery the longer you stay. It takes about 3 weeks to build a habit and these new techniques and protocols need to be habitual in order to accomplish your goals. We pick our patients up at the airport and when finished with the retreat, we take them back to the airport

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