Cancer Healing Retreats is a private facility that applies natural therapies to help reverse cancer and/or other degenerative disease.


400 m Norte 200 m Este de Hotel Cortijo, B11, Escazu, Costa Rica, 10203

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The Program


Dr. Gautier and his staff help you learn how to have a healthy, balanced and most importantly cancer-free lifestyle.

A proper diet and metabolic processes help kill cancer cells, suppresses their growth and proliferation.

You don’t need a cure to Cancer, you need to reverse Cancer!

Dr. Gautier applies a variety of 80+ protocols, procedures and supplements developed by the most famous and recognized doctors specializing in cancer reversal from around the world. The synergistic effect of combining these methods provides optimal conditions for the body's healing process. At “Cancer Healing Retreats” you will receive the following therapies and much more:

Food is one of many essential parts of our treatment. Much time will be spent focusing on food choices and their proper preparation. During your Retreat all meals provided will be prepared by a specialized chef.


The Program 1
Dr. Clark

Focused on detoxing the body by removal of pathogens and toxins, which is critical in aiding your immune system to help the healing process for cancer.

The Program 1
Dr. Kelley

Emphasis on the metabolic and enzymatic therapies which are critical for aiding immunity and cancer reversal.

The Program 1
Dr. Gerson

Considered as one of the first doctors to find the natural process for cancer reversal. His protocols refer to natural whole, live, fresh and mostly organic foods, necessary for healing. Also, coffee enemas for toxin elimination.

The Program 1
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Boosts the oxygen levels from 10 to 20 times immediately. This treatment has scientifically proven that after 20 sessions the stem cell reproduction is increased 800%, helping your body to repair and heal faster, from the destruction of the cancer process.

The Program 1
Proprietary Herbal Blend

This blend of herb oils has been developed over the career of Dr Gautier as a powerful anti-cancer formula which assists the body in everything from deep sleep to pain relief.

The Program 1
Magnet therapy

Helps reduce tumors, pain, inflammation, pathogens and aids in immunity. Utilized in medical handbooks prior to WW2.

The Program 1
Heavy Metal Chelation

A very specific therapy used to eliminate toxic heavy metals unable to metabolize out of the body without assistance.

The Program 1
Ozone Therapy

The usage of Oxygen 3 or Ozone has a long history of assisting the body in many ways to heal from chronic illness.

The Program 1
Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient technique practiced by Ayurvedic practitioners which provides a multitude of health benefits.

The Program 1

Wonderfully aids and assists in healing the body. A flexible body implies youth and health. Basic yoga and stretching exercises, speeds the recovery of the physical body.

The Program 1
Emotional Freedom Technique

: EFT is a way of healing from basic emotions which are mandatory for cancer. It helps eliminate limiting mental patterns and energy blockages.

The Program 1
Detox therapies

We apply a variety of different detox processes for specific organs such as liver, kidneys, colon, among others, all detoxes are vital for your body´s healing of cancer and boost the immune system.

The Program 1

The manipulation of the bodies skeletal structure for the purpose of restoring the health of the nervous system. Restoring proper nerve function is paramount in any healing process.

The Program 1
Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Techniques

Very important process of assisting and expelling toxins through the movement of the lymph in the body. Also, other procedures to help this occur with exercises as well.

The Program 1

Through meditation, the patient manages to lower their brain frequency, which helps them deal with stress and or negative emotions and allowing for higher levels of peace and tranquility.

The Program 1
Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing is the process of restoring the harmonious flow of energy across the Chakra System of the body. The effect of well-balanced Chakras is a feeling of well-being, relation, and wholeness.

The Program 1
Grounding Techniques

The earth has a mild negative charge to it due to modern life our bodies build up a positive charge. Direct contact with the earth can even out this positive charge and return the body to a neutral state.

The Program 1
Bio Dentistry

Every patient is referred to Costa Rica’s top holistic dental expert for proper toxic metal extractions of amalgam, root canal/crown issues and cavitation restructuring, which is mandatory for most all cancer patient’s immune system.

The Program 1

During your Retreat you will be given 60+ different supplements that will help you achieve the chemical balance in your bloodstream which is optimal for your recovery of cancer and boosting of the immune system.

The Program 1
Deep Sleep/ Insomnia Reduction

We use a variety of proprietary therapies to assist the body in achieving deep sleep. Sleep is a major cornerstone of health and cannot be compromised when attempting to reverse cancer of any type.

The Program 1
HCG Self Cancer Test

We use a simple, very sensitive, accurate and non-invasive urine test to follow up the treatment success in order to define modifications of protocols according to each individual patient, for tracking overall success.

The Program 1
Aromatherapy/Essential Oils

Certified pure and powerful botanical healing agents, used for thousands of years. This process brings balance, strengthens the immune system, relieves pain and inflammation and creates homeostasis in the CNS.

The Program 1
Energy Therapy

Energy therapy is able to help identify energetic knots of blocks at physical, mental and emotional level which do not allow the harmonious flow of the patient's vital energy. These energy centers or chakras are then able to balance into equilibrium of the body’s energy.

The Program 1
Sacro Occipital Technique

It is a system of chiropractic based upon the provable fact that every human who is sick or in pain has distortions and subluxations responsible for that sickness or pain. When you make the correct adjustment, at the right segments and sutures, you release enough nerve energy to relieve many issues.

The Program 1
Biological Recodification of illness

This helps the patient find the origin of the illness, which is associated with conflicts which the patient has lived or where there was a particular trigger. As the patient progresses and regains their inner strength, they feel stronger, safer and more confident.


  • Water Filter
  • Magnetic Head Board
  • Magnetic Head Band
  • Magnetic Therapy Body Applications
  • Major Organ System Detoxes
  • Parasite Detox
  • Pathogen Detox
  • Herbal Apoptosis Protocols
  • Heavy Metal Detox
  • Frequency Machine “Zapper”
  • Holistic Hygiene Products
  • Holistic Household Products


6 Month to 1 Year Service Agreement: allowing the patient the comfort in knowing that they have constant contact with the Dr to ensure as things change the support needed to adapt and change to the new circumstances is only 1 phone call or email away