Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers

Located all over the world are Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers. The USA is host to many who claim to be alternative cancer treatment centers but due to heavy regulation they can hardly operate in a free way with the patient’s care being the single priority. As a result of this most of them best alternative cancer treatment centers are located outside of the USA. Many years ago Dr’s such as Max Gerson fled to Mexico or other counties due there more lax laws on practicing natural medicine and operating a alternative cancer treatment center. Most alternative cancer treatment centers focus on one therapy or another. The Gerson therapy is very limited and does not work for all types of cancer and this is a example of how specific therapies do not create the greatest benefit for the broadest range of cancer. This is why it is important when choosing from the many alternative cancer treatment centers to make sure to choose one that addresses all of the possible root causes to your specific cancer process. Dr. Gary Gautier by offers more than any other cancer reversal facility worldwide incorporating many of these very popular process together into one comprehensive protocol.

Dr. Gautier’s Book

Dr. Gautier's Book

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