Healing Cancer Naturally

There are many misconceptions about “healing cancer naturally”.  Unlike conventional medical therapies there is no acceptable standard and with so many different types of methods considered “all natural” it is often a very broad term which can be used to describe many very different therapies. Healing cancer naturally should always consist of a Holistic approach, meaning it addresses multiple aspects of the mental, physical and emotional health. Cancer is very complex and different from person to person and there is no way to diagnose the specific root causes. We know that by addressing the most number of possible root causes through a thorough process of elimination we can increase the chances of a successful outcome for the broadest range of cancers. Taking responsibility for life style choices, finding substitutes for hygiene products, hair care, beauty, make up etc and changing your diet are some of the biggest components to a all natural cancer reversal program. The other components consist of immune building, supplementation, pH balancing, hormone balance, and detox. Only if this process is thorough and addresses the specific root causes which are contributing to the individual cancer process is there any consistent success in healing cancer naturally. God gave us everything we need to heal through nature.

Dr. Gautier’s Book

Dr. Gautier's Book

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