Retreat for Cancer Patients

Cancer Healing Retreats is a retreat for cancer patients to come and get away from their toxic environment. We are set up to care for the patient 24 hours a day giving them nonstop care while here with us. Read More

Natural Cancer Treatment

When someone is diagnosed with cancer they are often pushed right into a program consisting of a combination of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and or surgery. This type of care can be very dangerous and is heavily debated as to the effectiveness. Read More

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Cancer

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy cancer treatments? Yes, that is right. HBOT has been used for many medical applications showing promise with many diverse conditions and now hyperbaric oxygen therapy cancer treatments are being used to increase oxygenation in the body as well as the stimulation of the production of mother stem cells which is a master healing process. Read More

Holistic Cancer Treatment

The only way to heal from cancer is through Holistic Cancer Treatment therapies. Cancer is the result of toxicity, deficiency and unresolved emotional issues. Each one of us has through our experience accumulated a unique combination of chemical toxicities, parasites, deficiencies, metals and traumas which all play a significant role in the break down in immune function. Read More

Holistic Cancer Treatment Centers

Holistic Cancer treatment centers come in many different types of set up and therapies offered and they are not all equal. Holistic Cancer treatment has no standard as does conventional for the practitioner to follow. Each patients experience will be relative to the individual Dr. protocols they follow. It can be very important to choose a Dr. who is proficient in all of the process listed on this website. Read More

Healing Cancer Naturally

There are many misconceptions about healing cancer naturally.  Unlike conventional medical therapies there is no acceptable standard and with so many different types of methods considered “all natural” it is often a very broad term which can be used to describe many very different therapies. Read More