Should I bring my medical records?

Not required, but certainly helpful. The more information you can provide on your condition, the better treatment we can provide. Also, current records will provide a baseline for us for any testing that might need done during your stay.

Do you have an outpatient program I can do at home?

Not at this time. However we have a great book that will give you most of the reminders you need. And we include a one year support contract so you can get questions answered after you finish our retreat.

The retreat and personal attention from Dr. Gautier is the only way to really get well properly. There’s so much to learn and change that a home program would be very difficult to do.

How will I continue my program at home?

At the retreat, You and a companion will be trained on the use of the various treatments during your stay at the retreat. It will be easy for you to continue your treatments at home. You will also have access to Dr. Gautier or other staff in case you need a refresher or have questions.

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