Cancer Healing Retreats is a retreat for cancer patients to come and get away from their toxic environment. We are set up to care for the patient 24 hours a day giving them nonstop care while here with us.

This multipurpose retreat for the cancer sufferer is set up to provide them with everything they need while they are in the program. The program is also set up to educate the patient about their environment and how to keep it clean of toxic exposure. This is important bc it helps them transition back into their life with the ability to identify those things which are bad for them and find healthy substitutes to replace those things with.retreats for cancer patients

Though Dr Gary Gautier has treated many different diseases this particular retreat is a retreat for cancer sufferers and set up to deal with any type or stage of cancer patient giving them the best chance of healthy survival.

It is important to note there is a difference between a traditional retreat and an outpatient clinic, we insist the patient stays with us due to the many toxic exposures that can be found in any normal environment, this time in a safe place allows the body to heal in ways it cannot while being attacked by constant toxic exposures. 

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