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We intentionally do not have a large staff or multiple doctors. We’re not a huge, impersonal treatment center. Each and every patient gets lots of direct attention from Dr. Gautier. And our staff takes the time to make sure your treatments are as complete and painless as possible.  We offer not only physical help, but emotional therapy and support as well.

Dr. Gautier devotes all his time to one on one interaction with patients. You benefit from a personal form of treatment, not a huge facility with often poorly trained “medical” staff. You get a ton of time with one of the world’s foremost authorities in natural cancer treatment!

Dr. Gautier personally supervises the choices of food and preparation by his chefs. He conducts all the classes and gives valuable lectures. You get to ask questions to the master of his art directly.

We believe this practice makes the difference in recovery and unlimited, vital quality of life for the rest of your lives. Dr. Gautier invests in your health and recovery on a personal basis.

Dr. Gautier’s Book

Dr. Gautier's Book

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