Natural Cancer Treatment

When someone is diagnosed with cancer they are often pushed right into a program consisting of a combination of chemo therapy, radiation therapy and or surgery. This type of care can be very dangerous and is heavily debated as to the effectiveness. One thing that is not debated is that these specific treatments only address the tumor, none of them address the process which creates tumors. In order heal it is necessary to address the process that creates tumors through a natural cancer treatment.
A natural cancer treatment protocol can consist of many different processes therapies and supplements and not all protocols are equal, those addressing the highest number of possible root causes will give positive benefit to the highest number of people. Many people use one natural cancer treatment or another as single method protocols missing the value in the combination effect of overlaying these therapies for the highest level of benefit. There are so many things to address and often times very little time to get everything done as well as getting it done in a safe way. Doing these process together can be very dangerous and cause severe detox symptoms, shock and even be fatal so anyone attempting a natural cancer treatment strategy should seek the professional assistance of someone who is truly qualified in these processes and therapies.

Dr. Gautier’s Book

Dr. Gautier's Book

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