Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy cancer treatments? Yes, that is right. HBOT has been used for many medical applications showing promise with many diverse conditions and now hyperbaric oxygen therapy cancer treatments are being used to increase oxygenation in the body as well as the stimulation of the production of mother stem cells which is a master healing process.

HBOT sessions often last 30-45 minutes where the patients sit comfortably in a pressurized chamber while breathing 100% medical grade oxygen, Being under pressure will cause the body to absorb very high levels of oxygen which has many benefits to the body. Oxygen infusion under pressure assists the body in achieving optimum pH as well as serves as a strong antibiotic killing bacteria and viruses.

Although HBOT is amazing for health and specifically for reversing cancer it is never responsible to use only one therapy in regards to cancer,  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy cancer treatments should be used in conjunction with many other holistic cancer treatments creating the broadest achievable program based on the availability and access to the wide variety or therapies needed.

The oxygenation of the body is one of the most important factors in reversing cancer and this is one of the best and fastest ways to achieve this. Often times with as little as a 15-minute session you can increase the levels of oxygen in the body 20 times.