Holistic Cancer Treatment

The only way to heal from cancer is through Holistic Cancer Treatment therapies. Cancer is the result of mainly toxicity, deficiency and unresolved emotional issues. Each one of us has through our experience accumulated a unique combination of chemical toxicities, parasites, deficiencies, metals and traumas which all play a significant role in the break down in immune function. Being able to address such a broad range of issues is what ensures success. Often times in addition to the physical attention the body needs emotional healing techniques, chakra clearing, and even regressive therapies are needed to create a sense of emotional well being. A Holistic Cancer Treatment plan should not be without a comprehensive program of healing which addresses all of these potential underlining factors. Otherwise any one of these unknown issues can keep the body in the cancer process allowing it to continue creating imbalance in the body.  When attempting to use Holistic Cancer Treatment one should recognize that addressing the issues to slowly could not all the patient to complete what is necessary with the amount of time that is left for them to finish, and if they try to go to much to fast it can lead to serious detox symptoms , shock and even death. So it is best to have a Dr who understands these processes well enough to manage the implementation of many of these processes simultaneously.

Dr. Gautier’s Book

Dr. Gautier's Book

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