Dr gary Steven Gautier Book Heal Thyself optimum health forever

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Dr. Gautier will speak to you in simple words (in layman’s terms) about what is necessary to finally feel good, be healthy and understand the term “be your own doctor.”

With a step-by-step approach, you will be able to work on the book to cover the full spectrum of health.

He will show you how and why “all diseases are basically one and the same” and show you that sickness is a man-made thing for which there is a logical and applicable solution, providing you don’t get misled by doctors who know very little, if anything, about real health and longevity. He will show you why this type of misunderstanding and complacency in society will keep you on the long, wrong road to bad health.

You will learn:

  • Why most doctors and hospitals practice disease management and not health care.
  • Why approximately 95% of all people will die of cancer, heart disease or complications of diabetes and how you can lower your risk and even be excluded from this list if you learn a few things and practice them daily.
  • what man has done to the most of all foods, air, water and almost all products you use on a daily basis to help cause almost all diseases known to man
  • Why God’s Law is the only true choice in reversing all sickness and disease
  • The real statistics on cancer and heart disease and learn why God’s Law gives you your best chance for the body to strengthen and fight all it faces.

There are no cures, preventions or treatments that work, other than God’s Law which allows you the only true way to fight all foreign invaders.


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