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Some common questions answered about Cancer Healing Retreats:



Is travel to Costa Rica safe?

We pick you up at the airport, transport you to our retreat and then return you to the airport when you are ready to go home. If you feel a need to go shopping while you're with us, check with retreat staff for advice on best, safest places to shop. 

What travel documents will I need?
Regardless of your citizenship, you will need a valid passport for Costa Rica. All U.S. citizens need is a valid passport. If you are not a citizen of U.S.A. or Canada, and have any doubts about your travel requirements, please contact your local Costa Rican embassy/consulate.
When should I book my incoming and returning flights?
Coordinate with our Admissions staff on this. You can reach them at 928-442-2439 or info@cancerhealingretreats.com  Since we pick you up at the airport and return you for your outbound flight at the end of your retreat, we can be fairly flexible with advance notice.
How do I get to your retreat facility?
We handle all ground transport. So no worries, bring yourself and some clothing.
Can different companions visit during my stay?
Yes, but please limit it to one or two people at a time. Visitors are welcome to visit during the day. We do not provide food for additional visitors. And our retreat is fairly secluded, so we do not provide transportation for visitors. Ask our admissions staff about hotels and transportation for visitors.
Will I need an international plan for my cell phone?
Yes, if you want to make cell phone based calls. However, you could also use services such as Skype, Viber and others to make calls using our wifi service.
Do I need special electrical adaptors / converters?
Electrical outlets are the same as in the U.S. Some older outlets might lack a grounding hole, so you might want to pick up some 3 to 2 adapters at a dollar store or Home Depot.
Can I continue to work online while at the retreat?

The resort we hold the retreats at offers wifi. You are of course welcome to perform work while at our retreats.

What about bringing additional people with me?

You can bring ONE additional person with you. If they share the room with you, there is not extra charge. If you need another room, please speak to our admissions staff about this and they will book a room for you.

Food for ONE additional person is also provided at no charge.

The retreat is not equipped for large numbers of people, which is why we limit to one additional person.

What do I pack?

Costa Rica is a warm and sometimes humid country, so bring light weight clothing. It does rain quite heavily during our rainy season, so verify with our admissions staff if you need to bring rain gear. Bring a hat, and beach wear.

The wonderful thing about Dr. Gautier’s retreats is that he will go over all your toiletries with you, advising you about what is safe and what is not, and what to look for when buying cosmetics and other toiletries. He even provides special hair dryers that are much safer than others.





How are perishable medical products handled?
Certain perishable medical products may require to be packed in ice or dry ice for preservation during your travel. You will be given specific instructions at the time of departure to ensure the integrity of your medical products.
What about my medications?

We advise bringing enough of your meds to cover your stay, plus a few days, just in case of travel delays. Check with your primary care physician or pharmacy to make sure you have adequate supplies before leaving.

How will I continue my program at home?
At the retreat, You and a companion will be trained on the use of the various treatments during your stay at the retreat. It will be easy for you to continue your treatments at home. You will also have access to Dr. Gautier or other staff in case you need a refresher or have questions.
Do you have an outpatient program I can do at home?

Not at this time. However we have a great book that will give you most of the reminders you need. And we include a one year support contract so you can get questions answered after you finish our retreat.

The retreat and personal attention from Dr. Gautier is the only way to really get well properly. There’s so much to learn and change that a home program would be very difficult to do.


After leaving the retreat, who can I call if I have a question?

You can call our number in Costa Rica. Or use email or Skype. We will soon have a U.S. number as well.

011 506 8301 3051 (Costa Rica)

CONTACT EMAIL: info@webnatura.com

CONTACT SKYPE: gary.gautier1

Should I bring my medical records?
Not required, but certainly helpful. The more information you can provide on your condition, the better treatment we can provide. Also, current records will provide a baseline for us for any testing that might need done during your stay.
Can I use my medical insurance to pay for my treatments?

Unfortunately, no. Since our treatments are considered alternative and out of the United States, medical insurance does not cover the costs.

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