Pesticides and Herbicide toxins

Much controversy surrounds the subject of organic versus non-organic or conventionally farmed fruits and vegetables for what neither side will agree. There truth is, that they will never agree just like medicine will never agree with anything from the alternative side. IF they did, they would be admitting that they were wrong and they can’t have that happen because this would cause the house of cards to come crumbling down and hard!

Truth be told, of course there is a difference but if you only eat it once then it’s not such a big deal, right? But that is not reality and we need to eat many times a day which means over 1000 times and more a year. So in one year you can certainly accumulate loads of toxins!


Please try to understand that “chemical pesticides” are sprayed onto the plants you eat, as well as herbicides put into the soil of which the plants grow. They get their nutrients from the ground and this is why it must be organic, otherwise they are taking in chemicals as part of this process. This is all done to get rid of the bugs, fungus and microbes from harming the plant and end product.

These chemicals do add up in your body and are associated with all types of sickness. Heavy metals are the biggest problem of a cancer patient, yet doctors and hospitals say, “eat whatever you want”. This is not ok and completely wrong! You are what you eat and this is the true reason why you are in this to begin with!

It makes no sense to us to put chemicals in and on our plants, then consume them. Because it takes great time and effort to get these dangerous chemicals out of the body.