“In the past I suffered with skin cancer AKA basil cell carcinoma, and heard about a doctor who helped his patients overcome or reverse cancer, naturally, with no dangerous chemotherapy, radiation or surgical procedures which are barbaric to the body. I learned that the immune system is not only important but absolutely vital to overcoming cancer! This is the reason, as I learned, that a strict diet with plant-based foods was essential to health. I learned that there is no cure for cancer and you don’t need a cure-God gave us all we need on earth to get and stay healthy, in order to fight all disease! So I encourage you to learn more about the natural and safe process of alternative cancer reversal and don’t be afraid but consult with Dr. Gautier or an expert who knows how to help you get through this correctly and safely. Its been over 5 years and my oncologist was completely surprised my cancer did not return and I feel great!”