Emissions from medical diagnostic x-rays, mammograms, CAT scans, television and computer monitors, fluorescent lights and cell phones (radio waves/radiation) are some of the most typical forms of ionizing radiation. They can actually lead to gene mutation, as do many chemicals that enter the body via food, drinks, products applied to the skin and by breathing them, as well. Again, these are forms of EMF that are absorbed by the body and harm the body and accumulate over time.

I caution my patients regarding these very things but also tell them that in case of an emergency-if your life is in danger, by all means, do these procedures in order to stay alive and get the chance to get healthy and then when better-stay away from these procedures and applications which expose the body to the hidden dangers radiation.

Sometimes you must weigh the benefits in terms of pros and cons. So try to reject or minimize all of these potentially harmful ionizing radiations from your body and if you have any questions or concerns about what to do, then feel free to consult our staff any time.