There are many contributing factors to cancer.

The first contributing factor is SUNLIGHT. Solar radiation in both forms of ultraviolet-B and ultraviolet-C radiation are a contributing factor for cancer. However, this is partially due to a larger hole in the earth’s atmosphere at the ozone layer, which allows in more ultraviolet radiation to harm our body at a greater rate.

What’s more important to understand is that there is a lot of misinformation in the medical community regarding how the sun is bad or dangerous for your skin. This is a complicated subject. Sometimes sunlight is GOOD for you.

Sunlight absorption is essential to good health for the natural processing of Vitamin-D and without it you will increase sickness; however, be sure to limit your dose of sun about 20 minutes for light skin types and up to 45 minutes (per day) with the darker skin types.

The key here is to be sensible and if you have not been in the sun frequently, then go slowly to build up your resistance to sun by starting out with only a few minutes to each side of the body. I suggest trying to lay out naked where you can get more surface area exposed, however if you cannot find privacy then use a small covering to your private parts only, if necessary. Of course, if you roll up your sleeves and pants, this will still give you sun exposure but not as effective as total body sunning.