Here at Cancer Healing Retreats:

We make no claims to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is our goal to teach you, step-by-step, how to heal yourself and how to strengthen the body, NOT CURE A DIAGNOSIS! Only then your body can fight off the foreign materials that it is exposed to on a daily basis. Nature made our bodies an amazing work of art; however, we need to take care of it. Our bodies were never intended to consume toxic substances that are now more prevalent in the food we eat, air we breathe and the water we drink. More than that, we were never intended to take toxic drugs whether prescribed or not. These drugs are foreign to our body and there are no pathways in our body enabling their normal functioning. Thus, they without any doubts pollute, disturb and destroy our whole body system. The human body is ONLY MADE FOR FRESH GOD-GIVEN NATURAL FOODS. This is a law of nature and nobody has the right to play God when it comes to our body! Essentially, what disturbs our body the most are the man-made foods, drugs and the exaggerated amounts of chemicals that are put into products we use for our hair, skin, teeth, nails, face and whole body on a daily basis.

If you want to get off your drugs/medications, please DO NOT STOP TAKING THEM immediately because, with some medications, you need to reduce their intake gradually over time. You will need to be monitored by your doctor through this process and also feel free to consult us as well and we can help you with the healing process together with your doctor.

Ignore the front side of packaged (industrial) foods. Instead, simply READ the ingredients and nutrition labels. If you cannot pronounce it then don’t buy it. In a grocery store, the fresh products and bulk aisles only have the healthy items. There’s almost nothing healthy in the frozen sections and certainly nothing healthy in the meat or dairy sections. We will show you how to prepare healthy food at our retreats. You must get used to changing your whole perspective on where to go and what to buy. Usually, the health food stores provide a large selection of good products, however, I urge you to still read the labels on the back of packages, as health food stores may also contain harmful things. Unfortunately, only 10% of the areas of traditional supermarkets stock healthy food. And, of course, avoid the snack food areas, chips, candy, packaged lunches and other junk food.

Remember these two words: ORGANIC AND NATURAL.

Organic is very important. “Natural’ on a label means nothing much; it’s purely a marketing phrase.
Some health food stores and increasingly regular supermarkets stock organically grown fruits and vegetables as well as many other products without harmful chemicals. Ignore the front of a packaged food and read the nutrition label on the back as almost EVERY packaged food has chemicals in it. Especially ingredients such as “sodium lauryl sulfate” or “methylparaben” or “propylparaben” or any “paraben” should be avoided. Also, no “nutrisweet” or “splenda” or “aspartame” are aceptable. Forget about the products labeled “non fat”, “low fat” or “diet products”. OF THE VEGETABLES SHOULD NOT BE COOKED. Only if you have to, lightly cook a certain type of vegetables but remember if you cook, warm, steam or heat mostly. Eat most all your vegetables raw, as by cooking you will lose the vitamins and minerals and essential complexes that make vegetables healthy in the first place. (Please read our article called “OUR TOXIC CHILDREN”.

Remember, your body has great system for fighting off and recovering from just about anything if you give it a chance! However, if you wait too long, in